Very fast evaporating dry cleaner and degreaser.



  • Ideal for cleaning brakes, on cars as well as on industrial machines.

  • Cleans and evaporates very quickly and completely

  • Powerful spray, aerosol with a special jet.

  • Contains no chlorinated solvents or toxic solvents for
    man and the environment.

  • Compatible with most plastics and fragile materials, will not corrode metals.

  • Removes oil, road film, dust, residue from
    platelets, dissolves fatty residues as well as impurities
    harmful more easily.

Application areas

Suitable for all types of brakes on light vehicles, trucks, trailers, etc.

Brakes on machine tools ...

Cleaning of pads, drums, discs ...


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  • AEROSOL 650ml (20 ounces) - AC50015

  • 1 GALLON - AC500J2

  • LIQUID 20L - AC50050

  • LIQUID 205L - AC500205

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