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Multifunctional solvent - Flash point> 60 ° C

540 - ORASOLV P: Texte


  • Very efficient without heating, avoids the cost of additional energy.

  • Solvent not subject to flammability labeling.

  • Quickly penetrates and dissolves all oily or greasy deposits.

  • User safety thanks to its high flash point.

  • Compatible with most synthetic materials.

  • Suitable for degreasing fountains.

  • Improved evaporation by blowing.
    Solvent type A3.

  • May be recommended as a solvent for ultrasonic tanks.

Application areas

ORASOLV P is specially adapted for degreasing all mechanical parts and metal surfaces.

Cleaning of motors, joint plans, coils of electric motors, ...


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • 1 GALLON - 540J2

  • LIQUID 20L - 540O1

  • LIQUID 205L - 540U2

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